Weird Error on Google Playstore

Hi, I am trying to publish a watch face, but Google Playstore keep rejecting it by saying

" * Your watch face’s XML definition has syntax errors and cannot be verified by our validator."

I don’t understand what error is this and how to sort it out. If anyone else faced this error before then how to solve it ? I have just added Moon Phases pictures by using Tag “([MOON_TY] == 0)?100:0” that is only new thing I have done rest is same old things that I usually do.

You went much far than me… I can’t create the test version… Google Play it’s saying that I need upload .aab file… (which I did)…
Sorry for cross your topic… but could you please share how did you upload the files and created the test version for your watch face?

Hi have u run it on your watch before publishing?

Be good to state version of wfs u are using

It’s working fine on my physical watch, no issue… I was using WFS 1.58 now the latest version both having same problem for Google Playstore.

Lets get someone from samsung to reply

Download Watch Face Studio
WFS 1.4.20 is the latest release version.
WFS1.6.9 is the latest Beta version

Did you update an older project or is this a new WFS project? If you go from 1.5.7 down to 1.4.20 that might be an issue or if you go from 1.3.13 directly to 1.5.7 or 1.6.9 without going to 1.4.20 that may be something.

Having said that you probably should open a Developer Support Request so they can analyze this.

Samsung Developer Relations

same reject description on my watch face:

Issue found: Wear app functionality not working as described

*** Your watch face’s XML definition has syntax errors and cannot be verified by our validator.**

Thats very simple watch face with basic informations. I’ve published one week ago 2 watch faces without any problem.
Watch face studio version: 1.5.7

I’ve check several times about description and watch face - everything is OK - almost this same description that Ive always use, and now sth is wrong.

Any idea whats happening ?

@gmp009 i realised there no 1.58. Note ron reply

All my project was new using only 1.5.7 - 2 of them are already published - last one rejected :confused:

Hi @adrianrogalski i got similar type issues long back. All the TAP function specially need to describe by marking on TAP position and text inside description and in pic illustration. Also note, AOD screen shot need to upload and metion how it will change in AOD mode.

dont go for any testing, directly go for upload.

Yeah, I published 70 watch faces in this same way, I’ve made a small changes - will see whats happend. Thanks for helping, maby there was bad work-shift for approving watch faces :rofl:

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Google Play console doesn’t allow me to go directly to production without publish at least a CLOSED TEST app. :frowning:

no need any test, retry again, i wish to solve but no way to show it here.

I got a similar error after trying to post my first watch face. This is the app rejection they sent me.

“Your app does not provide syntactic errors and cannot be parsed as shown/described on the store listing.”
I got that error after previously trying to publish they sent me this rejection first:
“Your app does not provide ability to be parsed as shown/described on the store listing.”

I wonder if it has anything to do with App Signing, I have mine set for signing by Google Play. But I wonder if I need to change that so I upload the key I used when I created the watch face. Perhaps they aren’t able to view it because they don’t have the original key? What do most of you use signing by Google Play or do you upload your key somehow?

signing by googly play

@nobel.mixed Did you ever upload the original key you used to create the watch face?

never, no need upload

just to inform - my watch face was accepted…
but I deleted all information about shortcuts and comlications from desctription in google play and from my pictures from watch face manual.

I got feeling that it depends on who is checking your watch face… I got this same description that I have been using for a long time, but now - someone there decided that my description is not clear.

My advice: If you have a problem with watch face approval about:

Issue found: Wear app functionality not working as described

just delete any information about this feature and leave it in watch face - they will approve :slight_smile:

I’ve seen that before where a reviewer knows that a complication does not work and always tests for it. I could decipher the Samsung reviewer notes but not the play store ones :slight_smile:

Samsung Developer Relations

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