Your app crashed when downloading ... Watch Face has syntactic error

Hi All,

For a few days now I haven’t been able to update a watch face created with WFS 1.5.7 on Google Play.

I’m getting this rejection message:

" Your app crashed when downloading because Watch Face has syntactic errors and cannot be parsed."

I tried to create a new .AAB file but I still get the same rejection message.

The watch face was created with WFS 1.5.7 and I had already sent an update 2 weeks ago without receiving any rejection.

Has anyone already had this specific refusal happen?

Thanks in advance.


My last update was made on March 22 (also WFS 1.5.7 project). I had no problems there.

I’ve done about 10 updates to other watch faces (WFS 1.5.7) in recent days but I’m only having a problem with that Watch Face which I had already updated by the way…

Have you guys tried 1.6.9? I don’t have any issue in updating watch face, even the new one.