Progress bar in ranged value complication

How I should use circular progress bar - range value for complication, if I need use only half circle (not whole circle)?
0 is start 100 is end, but only semicircle


Check this topic, I had that same issue and there is an answer for 180 degree gauge.

Thx, but this is not for complications. This is only for TAGs

Based on it I was able to build complications for baterry level and steps count.

Battery level and steps I can use from tags. But I need use it for external complication - Heart rate from 3rd party app

It is up to the 3rd party app to create the complication. If they currently do then we can ask the WFS team to add it.

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Thx, Ron.
I don’t understand, why complication of heart rate from Shealth in WFS is empty. Complication of SPO2 too, sleep too… etc, etc…

The Unified Wear OS is developed for all manufacturers and those may not include Samsung Health.

This is not new: while Galaxy Watch Studio development team had access to private API’s, Those were not available to Tizen Developers and if you created a watch face with Tizen Studio you could not access Samsung Health data.

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I know, but all compilations would by has same format for use somewhere. Or not?

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There is a component that Android developers can add to their code to make complications available to other developers. Their are specific functionality that needs to be included.

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Am I to understand that I will never be able to use a complication from Samsung Health here in WFS?

I’ve requested it as a feature request hopefully they can add them.

It looks like Samsung Health does provide wearable complications but they may not all be available in WearOS Powered by Samsung yet.

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