WFS to GWS converter?

I know there is that tool to convert from GWS to WFS, but how about the other way?

Is there a way to easily import a project from WFS to GWS (and then fix everything that’s broken/different)?

No, not possible, and why anyway?

Because I’ve made a few projects that I would like to have on my other watch but don’t want to have to make them all over again from scratch.

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There is no tool to convert .gwd project files to .wfs project files. Only to convert .tpk to .aab or Import resources from GWS to WFS (which is probably a lot easier to just add them manually).

Because of the philosophy of Wear OS powered by Samsung for end users to do the customizations very little would be compatible out side of resources.

By the way if you do get GWS do not get the latest version unless you are on a Mac Big Sur or newer. Use the GWS 2.0.0 older version. There is a nasty bug in the last update.

Samsung Developer Relations

Okay understood, Thanks Ron