Unable to open converted project in WFS?

Can the converter only convert into apk and aab? I’d like to open te converted project in Watch Face Studio but it only converts into the apk format. Is this intended?

You should be able to open a Galaxy watch studio file with Watch face studio. There is an import GWD resource option if you go to File->Import gwd resource.

The converter as far as i know converts apk in aab format only.

Thanks for the info. Sadly when i import the assets everything gets messed up and nothing is what it should be. Do you know if there’s a way to open wfs projects in android studio?

My knowledge is very limited regarding Android studio but i doubt that it is possible.
Maybe someone else here might be able to help you.

Also regarding the assets being messed up when imported to WFS, it might seem like so but if you spend a few minutes you should be able to short them out or even improve them by adding styles options, unless it’s a weather face with custom icons and layers then you can forget about it. I don’t think it’s possible to recreate it.

I tried recreating my weather animated watch faces but it’s impossible to do without custom layers for weather like galaxy watch studio uses.

That was definitely my favorite part of the older software, the weather and customizing the icons depending what the weather will be.

Also thanks for the reply, i made it work with the older assets as far as possible.

Some things are still to be fleshed out in the software in my opinion, there are still things that don’t work as they did in the previous software.

Exactly, over 80% of my watch faces in galaxy store are weather watch faces with custom icons and some are animated watch faces that dynamically change according to weather. WFS is a big improvement but not being able to use all the cool features that galaxy watch studio has, makes me sad and disappointed.

Exactly. Most of mine also used that, there was one I am now trying to convert that uses the seasons and weather type too and that was kind of a big part of the watchface. Really hoping this will release in a future update.

There was a mention that it is not possible since complications now have their own icons and also you can not edit a complication. Bottom line is that it’s not going to happen any time soon maybe even never.

so bitmapping will also not be possible with these? And most watches support weather as a standard as far as I know, so they can make it a fixed complication, right? Well than maybe a new app for weather complications should be made that can support weather things with an api in it’s own app, if possible…

Just to clarify
The converter converts limited TPK files to aab files it does not convert GWD/GWS files and the converter is limited to what can be converted. Also since it has not been upgraded and there is a new Androidx version I’m not sure the files it creates will pass review in Play Store. I do not recommend using it to convert .tpk files any longer.

The import resources from GWS files is possible but as you found out not it is not perfect. I recommend you import them manually.,

Allowing customized weather if a feature request but it is not as simple in Wear OS. I don’t know if it will ever happen it isn’t that simple and goes against the Wear OS philosophy of a common user interface.

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