Galaxy Watch Studio to Watch Face Studio

Hi. I have converted a couple watch faces from GWS to Keystone.jks but can’t open that .jks file in Watch Face Studio
Can any one tell me if there is a Step by Step video or instruction out there

Thanks !!

You can see this Convert a Galaxy Watch Studio watch face | Samsung Developers.

Boshra gave information on converting a .tpk file to an wear OS .aab file. That is the fast way to update a watch face to Wear OS. Read the instructions for limitations.
You can convert a .tpk file to an Wear OS .aab file but you can’t convert a .gws file to a .wfs file

I think you meant Keystore.jks not keystone.jks that is the file that holds the Play Store equivalent of Author certificates. That is a encoded file and you can’t open it. If you will need to create a new .jks file when you build a watch face with WFS.

Note you can import some resources from GWS into WFS but not all and it may be simpler to just add them normally.

Hope this helps.
Samsung Developer Relations

yes that’s what I did converted the GWS then run on device
so if I understand I don’t use the Watch Face Studio unless I am doing a watch Face from scratch ?
and I have been reading is there any way to have the heart rate on the watch like GWS
the steps work great but “0” for heart rate

Thanks very much for the help !!

When it was designed it did support Samsung Health Heart Rate but I think you had to tap it to get the reading.

There have been changes made in Samsung Health and Wear OS since then but it may not be working now.

A watch face will be more efficient if designed with Watch Face Studio and if you wish to publish it, it is only compatible with Galaxy Watch4 and no other 3rd party watches. I don’t think it even includes Galaxy Watch5.

Samsung Developer Relations