WGT Distribution outside Galaxy Store


I have the following requirements:

  • A tizen wearable App for the Samsung Gear S3
  • Installation purely over the smartwatch (no smartphone connectivity!)
  • Scalability and easy installation/updates on 100+ devices

While I was already talking to the Samsung seller support regarding this for over a week, they could not provide a solution for me. There is the WPC mode in the seller portal, which allows an app to be visible only on the smartwatch, BUT that is only available for certain partners, which my company is not eligible for.

They did not provide any other solution regarding this and mentioned that I should ask in the developer forum for assistance.

Therefore the following questions: Is it possible to distribute the WGT file over a self-hosted distribution server of some kind (i.e. just download it and directly install it on the watch)?

I could not find a way to do this. You can open a developer support request and they may be able to help.

Samsung Developer Relations