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we as company want to distribute a free companion watch app for a free Android app. We created a corporate account in the Galaxy App Store. Now we want to distribute our watch officially, by uploading a binary. When we build our binary (*.wgt), do we have to sign this package with the personal distributor certificate generated by Tizen Studio, or sign the package with an official distributor certificate by Samsung?

If we have to sign the binary by an official distributor certificate, where can we obtain one?

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You should install and enable the Samsung Certificate extensions. Open Package Manager Extension SDK tab and click on the Configuration icon (gear) mid to upper right corner

You generate a Samsung Author and Samsung Distributor certificates. If you use Tizen Author certificate you can’t upload to Samsung Store. If you use the Tizen Distributor Certificate you can’t test on a Samsung Device.

The actual distributor certificate is stripped by Samsung when you upload and replaced by Samsung Distributor certificate.

Once you create the Author certificate keep it safe and secure make a copy on a second device. You can’t update the binary in the store if you have a different Author certificate.

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