.wgt Web App not installing on Tizen 7.0 (cert related?)

I have an app that runned well from Tizen 4.0 to 6.5.
Recently I tried to install it on QBC models, but now the app won’t install.
Here’s what I got:

The error seems to be related to the certificate, but I’m not sure.
I use a Tizen profile (not Samsung). My Author cert is not expired, but for the distributor I use the default Tizen distributor. This one is expired, but I have no control on it…

I tried creating a samsung-tv-7.0 project in TizenStudio instead of using my 6.5, but I have the same result, so it makes me think that it’s not related to the app! (Note: 7.0 project worked on 6.5 tv)

Am I the only that this occur? Thank you.

I didn’t think you could ever run on a Samsung TV with a Tizen Distributor Certificate but I guess I was misinformed and told you had to have a Samsung Tizen Distributor Certificate.

Because this is a Signage TV that may be a different issue. If the Samsung Distributor Certificate does not work let us know and I can see if I can get an answer.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,
It worked from 4.0 to 6.5 in our case, but my guess is that since the default cert is expired, it ain’t working anymore.

I’ve tried with a Samsung cert it was not working…
Tested it again, and just realised I enter the Unique ID instead of Unique Device ID in my DUID!
Now it works!

Thank you!

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Is there a best practice to quickly add an authorized DUID to my list?
Because right now it looks like I have to regenerate a distributor cert when I want to add an DUID.
Also this documentation: Creating certificate | Samsung Developers said that it’s max 50 devices / cert, while we have way more than 50 devices with our app installed.

Thank you

The Tizen Studio Documenation on this is a bit more clearer

  • When you need to register devices that are more than 10, upload a txt file using Import a DUID list file menu. One DUID on a line and max 50 DUIDs are available.

So it is a simple text file that can be up to 50 DUIDs minus the ones that were registered in the Samsung Studio.

This is only meant for on device testing. Since you are using a Hospitality TV I assume this is used in a business? Is it a single business or an app that you will distribute?

This is not my area at all, but my guess is for a single business you want the Tizen Business Manager And if it is an app for others then it is distributed in the Smart TV Seller Office and you can sign in and open a Smart TV Seller Support Request.

There is also a Business to Business Portal that may be what you want.

They can help you better there.

Hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations

We experienced the exact same issue. After being in contact with Samsung on partnerhub.samsung.com, they sent us a new distribution certificate. When we packaged the app with that certificate, it worked for Tizen 7.0 but not older models. Until we find a certificate profile that works with both, we’ll be running 2 apps.

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i am not able to install the web app on tizen 7 There is no issue because i created new samsung certificate till it is not working
i am getting message like this: Unable to install .please try again later .if the problem persist, reinstall the application from the install web app menu or install from usb device menu and try again.
what is the issue i am not able to understand .

can you tell the process how do you contact them and packaged the certificate with app as i am not able to install the app on tizen 7.0 which is installing on tizen 4.0 but not on 7.0