How to share Theme Studio tools with my co-worker?

Hi guys,

I have a friend who will help me with making themes.

Now my biggest trouble is how I can share theme studio permission with him without sharing my Samsung account.

Do you guys have any solutions for this case?
Thank you for any help.

In the Seller Portal, under the Assistance tab is an option for Manager Accounts. I think they will still need their own Samsung account but you can add authorizations for them. Hope this helps.

I tried this method. It only adds a permission to the Seller website, not the theme editor. :disappointed:

Ugh, sorry to hear that, I was afraid that was the case. We all use the same account for access to GTS, which is seperate from our Seller account. But adding a new account (email address) with GTS access is not easy.

Ahhh, got your idea. But Iā€™m using the same account for both.

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