What are function tags for?

Out of curiosity, what function tags are for ? Are there examples that use these tags?


I think those were added like built in help, so you do not need to open guide every time you want to put in function that is not so often used.


Peter is being modest he is a genius when it comes to math functions.
Round is standard rounding of a decimal point
Floor is rounding down
Ceil is rounding up
you use them a lot with the result of other tags.

The trig functions would be used mainly by someone that wants to plot the sun, moon or stars. Plot graphs move animations etc.

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You can use these function tags to plot graph as heart rate graph? Iā€™d love to know how.

Heart Rate Graphs are linear heart rate over time. You could only do a fake graph with WFS because there is no way to store the data over time.

But if you want to draw one, The equation of heart is (x^2 + (9/4)(y^2) + z^2 -1)^3 - (x^2)(z^3) -(9/200)(y^2)(z^3) (I googled it).

It has been so long since I did any trigonometry that mountains have eroded to sand in the time frame.