What does theme color palette do?

The description in the manual is kind of vague.

I’ve searched through developer.andriod about Theme Color Palette. All the results are related to Kotlin in Android Studio.

What does Theme Color Palette do in WFS?

It allows you to customize your watch with a theme color. Any layer you select to “Apply Theme Color” will be assigned one of the selected colors. Just define the different possible theme colors you want from the theme color palette.


Then apply any layer to the theme color. There are two places you can apply it. To the right of the layer there is a small paint bucket. Notice below to the right of the Background layer the paint bucket icon. This has the theme color applied.


The other way is in the properties, see below outlined in red:

While you are building the watch face you can change all layers that have the theme color applied to a different theme color by changing your selection, see below:

Then when you are using the watch face on your watch, you can select “Customize” and change the color to one of the color themes you defined. Any layer that was assigned the theme color will change to the selected color.

Note, if you want the exact color from the theme color make sure your layer is defined as white. Otherwise you could tint the layer for another effect.



Thanks for the clear instruction! Samsung & Google should pay you for this!

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