Themes & Styles

Would love it if someone could unscramble my brain on Themes and Styles.

Seems to me that a Theme is a “color wash” that is applied to components whose “Apply Theme Color” is set. So if one has a white background image, and an an Orange Theme, (and Apply Theme Color is set), the background will be orange.

In real life, though, we need to set foreground colors to be appropriate matches for background colors. Is there any way to do that? For example, black text on a white background, white text on a black background…and if so – how?

Finally, what on earth does the STYLE->ADD STYLE do? I can load up different images…and select them – but they are static across themes. If one could set them individually by “theme”, I could see their value. But they are not - so why does it exist at all? I must be missing the joke here – appreciate a kick in the right direction.


You will find it depends on what component you are editing for example hands allows you to add styles so you could offer your users 4 options to change there hand type. What this does if you go to your galaxy wearable application you will have the ability to customize what you have offered the user. I suggest you experiment with the options and check how its get applied when you test on the watch or with the gear app. I have found many bugs with images not working and some complications just don’t appear to work correctly. Check the other posts for users reporting these issues.

Thank you very much.
Styles → I am an idiot. Your explanation makes complete sense. I had it mixed up in my head as part of color themes…but now I understand!

Theming → I still don’t see how I can use theming to create (Theme A) white text, white watch face on black background- and (Theme B), black text, black watch face on white background. Any ideas?

Themes you just set your color changes you require and apply to what asset so if for example you have background image of white and you want to allow users to change you just use the apply theme color in the layer or property. I’ve not found a way you can set multiple themes but I would suggest you target the assets that would work for example I would do index second hand and text and not allow theme changes to the defined colors you can of course use bitmap fonts and change background actions as other options.