What is Advanced Health Dashboard client ID

What is Advanced Health Dashboard client ID and Access code
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code lab에 있는 advanced health dashboard를 사용하고 싶은데요. connect to samsunghealth 를 하면 권한 check bar 이 default 되어 있습니다. 제 생각에는 업데이트 되면서 client id와 access code가 필요해 진것 같은데 어떻게 해결하나요?? 그리고 전에 만들었던 앱도 작동하지 않습니다. client id를 만드는 건가요??
advanced health dashboard에 client id는 아실것 같은데 제 앱은 모르시는것 아닌가요?? 이기능을 왜 추가 했나요??

아니면 samsung health를 downgrade하고 싶습니다.
samsung health 를 downgrade 할 방법이 있나요??

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I tried thousand of ways to get HealthConstants.Exercise.HEALTH_DATA_TYPE but it failed without developer mode.
Plz could you update old samples?

Yes the device has to be in Developer Mode for the examples. The API is not a public version. If you were to distribute your app and the API changed it would render your app useless.

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그러면 해당앱은 사용 하지 못하나요?

You should be able to use the sample code if your mobile is in Developer Mode.

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샘플코드는 어디서 발급받을 수 있나요?

There are some sample codes HERE. I was able to download the SDK without being a partners but I didn’t try to do any examples (I’m not an Android developer) If there is access denied open a tech support request with Samsung Developer Program about this.

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Is health app can tell us everything about our health?

This forum is for App Developers so this thread will be removed as off topic questions interfere with developer communications.

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I just wanna know that. Is the Samsung health app can tell us everything about our health?
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HI abd,

The answer was no. Samsung Health SDK does not in any manner shape or form assert it can tell anything about a persons health. It only allows the monitoring of some health related items.

This is off topic because it has nothing to do with using the Samsung Health SDK for developing mobile apps. This is a developer forum for these type of conversations you should ask on the Samsung Members community.

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