What's wrong with my screenshot, so was the Wear OS update rejected?

I uploaded it as the image attached above, but it was rejected by Wear OS.


What was the reason for the rejection?
Please help me.

The Wear OS screenshot must not show any clocks. Just the screenshot. Without anything around it.
One screenshot is sufficient for Wear OS.
Use the screenshot from the Watch Face Studio workspace and convert it 1: 1 into a jpeg without a background.

Here I have explained the entire procedure again.

Thanks for the kind explanation.
One more question,
Don’t users see screenshots of Wear OS?
Are the images users see when they buy a watchface are Phone Screenshots?

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I’m not sure if the users see the wear os screenshot at all. Depending on the device (phone, tablet, etc.) you will definitely see the images that were uploaded in the corresponding categories.

They will see the Wear OS screenshot as well.
I guess Google requires those images because those are the RAW image which isn’t touched by photoshop or any effects by the designer.