Store rejection for screenshots screenshots include transparent backgrounds or masking

I had submitted the wear OS screenshots taken in the Watch Face Studio as part of my watch face’s main store listing. Google rejected it saying “Your Wear OS screenshots include transparent backgrounds or masking.”.

Similar screenshots had worked for my other watch faces.

Does anybody know what do they mean by this and how are we supposed to obtain the screenshot otherwise?


Same to me today, waiting for the support anwer

The next thing that will be asked will be this. :grin:

I have also submitted an appeal. Please let me know if you hear something from them.

I will also update if I get a response. Thank you.

Watch face reviewers and appeal reviewers are so useless. All they are saying is this:

As much as I’d like to help, I’m not able to provide any more detail or a better answer to your question. In our previous email, I made sure to include all the information available to me.

We detected the following eligibility issue and were unable to accept your app for Wear OS:

  • Your app’s Play Store listing provided non-valid Wear OS screenshots such as a placeholder or a phone screenshot. Wear OS applications must include at least one screenshot in the Play Store listing depicting the Wear OS app experience.

Your Wear OS screenshots include transparent backgrounds or masking

You can find more information about graphic assets in our help center.

I was able to resolve the issue.

Screenshot from watch face studio or watch itself will be in the png format with Alpha (transparency). I used a photo editing app and exported them as JPEG without transparency and uploaded those.

I have exactly the same problem. Is it enough to change the application icon or do you need to replace all screenshots?

I think icon does not matter. It’s just the screenshots. But I changed all.

Is it okay if the PNG file is not transparent?

The face icon must be in png because it requires transparency. But can it be inserted in the graphics of the watch?
So far, this is what I did, the icon in the clock and it was ok. And now ?! :thinking:

i also did the same thing on my 3rd submission of same watch face. i flattened each image and saved in jpg format and replace all images except the png icon image. lets see what happens

I have received a rejection today. I do not understand the problem. Everything is as always and I have released some WF in the Playstore. And never had problems … that’s not fun. What should I do?

Don’t worry, you’ve got the google curse. Suddenly they stopped responding to three-dimensional graphics. They grabbed new gifts in the street, put them behind desks, and for them icons must be flat like a table top. Taken from watch icons, no descriptions. Bare like Adam and Eve in paradise. :grin: :grin: :grin: You need to convert from png to jpg.

Nothing to do with making them JPG I had this issue its the aspect ratio of the image as in the description I managed to speak to the play developer , there are lots of new changes coming he said just hold tight things will be much better.

Upload up to 8 Wear OS screenshots. Screenshots must be PNG or JPEG, up to 8 MB each, 16:9 or 9:16 aspect ratio, with each side between 320 px and 3,840 px

That’s exactly what I did. I will now only use the screenshots from the WFS, no watch pictures, no descriptions.

How do I get it to change the graphics in the submitted application. Or do I have to submit a new project?

Yes, good question. The only way I’ve found to do this is to build a new release with an incrementally higher version number and submit that for review, but it seems silly to have to do this when the actual binary has not changed.

I’d also be interested to hear if there is an easier way to resubmit a watchface for Google review if only the Wear OS screenshots have changed!

I guess If you change the screenshots it will be enough. I don’t submit a new project, I only change my screenshots. My watch face wasn’t accepted yet. Today I appealed. I am waiting for their answer.

Check Publishing overview option if you have change to screenshot it will be listed and they will check no need to update binary with version number again never had to do that.

I have now found where the pictures are changed … and uploaded a new version number. But the setting Wearos can not be changed and remains on rejected … that’s still changing?