When does samsung creator studio release

when does samsung creator studio being released i know i suggested this but i am currently still waiting to hear back

Are you talking about Samsung Creator Collective? SGCC 2023 is next week.

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no the app releasing

does that mean is the release date for samsung creator studio or no?

I have not heard any thing about any tool called Samsung Creator Studio. I don’t find it in any press release or anything was this mentioned in the Developer Conference or some trade show?

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it was announced in discord samsung us discord

what about a release date for the live streaming feature in Screen recorder in phones samsung phones?

it was announced in samsung USA Discord

it was this when they announced it in samsung creator studio picture of it

It is not a samsung product, it was just introduced by Spark AR at Samsung 837. You need to go ask Spark AR.

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Samsung 837 is a store for Samsung products in NYC. Sparks AR was holding a studio for creators at that store. See this information.

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