Under Content Review

I want you help Mr. r.liechty_SDP
My apps that i was sent are still under content review since 7 September 2022, can you contact Samsung customer support about this issue?

Note: I was contact them 2 times without outcome.


Did you really mean 7 September? That is not unusual anymore. I’ll contact you via private message.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank You Ron for your help

Where can i find your private message?
Do u mean via Gmail or what?

I just sent it to you.
Private messages can be read and replied in the account icon or via email.


I have seen it

Thank u SO much!

Time now is 06:40 GMT+1
All apps are still under review, nope one is approved at this moment.
Note: I checked the Galaxy Store now, I found new apps of other sellers has been published
Ron, I need your help. Please take action with them.