Where can I get old (pre-Tizen) Smart TV SDK?


Links here:

Do not work.


Did you try the Smart View SDK links here

By the way those require 32 bit Java JRE and won’t work with 64 bit Java JRE.

Also I’d try Github I think that has things there.

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks for the comment, Ron!

I see Smart View SDK for Android and iOS only.
This is not the SDK, that I look for, seems. That one should be for Linux (Ubuntu), Windows etc. I need the one for Linux.

Also, I’m not sure, where can I find this on GitHub. I tried and found nothing like that.


Oh I remember now the TV SDKS were included with older Tizen Studio versions and not removed when users updated but when Tizen 3.x came along the TV SDKS were replaced by the TV Extension.

Here is the link for the legacy SDKs

Samsung Developer Program

it was in the Tools folder

Yes, seems like, this is it.
Thank you very much, Ron!

Dear all,

I have downloaded old TV SDKs (legacy) because my TV is an old one but I did not managed to use any of them. These SDK are packaged with Eclipse IDE but they all failed to run on my Linux Ubuntu recent 64 bits (problem of System Bundle that could not be resolved).
In parallel, I successfully installed Eclipse using App manager of Ubuntu.

Although I am not an expert in Eclipse IDE, It is not possible to sort easily files between those from SDK and those purely from Eclipse IDE. Sorting files that are only from SDK would have been useful in order to use them with a already installed and working Eclipse IDE.

You don’t need legacy SDKs is your TV is newer than 2015. If your TV is older than 2012 then it isn’t a “Smart TV”

Tizen Studio requires x86 architecture, if you are running Ubuntu something other than that then it won’t install or run. That is generally the issue.

Look here for information about developing for legacy TVs

Samsung Developer Program