Where can I get Legacy Samsung SmartTV SDK 3.5.2?

Is it possible to get access to the Legacy Samsung SmartTV SDK 3.5.2? The available legacy SDKS (4.0b+) do not include the JS debuggers for 2010 and 2011 models (re: https://developer.samsung.com/smarttv/develop/legacy-platform-library/art00097/index.html )


The legacy Smart TVs did not use Tizen OS and that is why they aren’t available in Tizen Studio. Did you check GitHub for something. I hope someone can help you here but that is pretty obsolete TVs now.

Samsung Developer Program

Yeah, the 2010-2011 TVs are actually pre-webkit and based on Mozilla, which is why the newer legacy SDKs don’t work. Pre-Tizen Studio there was an Eclipse IDE for Orsay, and before that there was a Samsung unique one. Sadly while the web browser tech may be ancient, the TVs still work and so people keep them much longer than phones and computers.