WiFi Direct on Q6FN


I’m trying to debug a Linux program called gnome-network-displays.

It works over Wifi Direct and is able to screencast my Desktop to the TV.

Unfortunately I can see my Linux screen on the TV for about 5 seconds and then I get a disconnection.

I thought I could see the TV logs but some smart guy at Samsung thought it was a smart idea to disable logging :frowning:

What is left is trying to debug using a Tizen DOTNET app using Tizen.Network.WiFiDirect API.

Now, for some reason, the TV app always shows WiFi Direct as Deactivated and trying to activate gives me:

System.NotSupportedException: Not supported
at Tizen.Network.WiFiDirect.WiFiDirectErrorFactory.ThrowWiFiDirectException(Int32 exception)
at Tizen.Network.WiFiDirect.WiFiDirectManagerImpl.Initialize()
at Tizen.Network.WiFiDirect.Globals.get_IsInitialize()
at Tizen.Network.WiFiDirect.WiFiDirectManager.Activate()
at ServiceApp1.App.Main(String[] args)

I can manipulate normal WiFi just fine using DOTNET Tizen.Network.WiFi API.

What is going on here?