Force debug port

Hi everyone, I’m new to Tizen platform and am setting up my dev env for the first time to work on a pre-existing application which has been developed without using the official Tizen Studio tools. I managed to figure out that i can debug the application running on my test device (Tizen 2018 TV) using the following command:

sdb shell 0 debug <>

which then outputs something like the following:

... successfully launched pid = 3159 with debug 1 port: 35668

Then I am able to manually configure my test device in chrome://inspect#devices using the IP of the tv and the port returned by the above command. But the port is different each time I issue the command and so if I restart the app on the TV I end up having to restart the debug service and reconfigure the device in Chrome inspect. Does anyone know if there’s a way to force the port number to a sepcific value? Or am I going about this the wrong way? If there’s a better way to do this then I’d like to know. However I definitely don’t want to have to use Tizen Studio if possible, thanks