Wordpress.org kills Samsung Internet

Long pages such as this one on wordpress.org freezes Samsung Internet every time for me. I have recently updated my S21 Exynos to Android 13 and done a factory reset. It behaved the same before though.

Google Chrome hangs for a few seconds but becomes responsive after that. Samsung Internet freezes completely. Same with the beta version.

Hello there, I tried to check the issue on multiple devices but could not reproduce the issue. Both of the site links you provided seems to be working as intended on Samsung internet.

Could you provide some additional details and information about your issue?

Which version of Samsung internet are you using? Is it up to date?
Is there any specific steps to reproduce the issue besides just visiting the page?

Finally, please provide some screenshots or video demonstration of the issue, whichever one clarifies the issue best. (+logs if possible) ^^

Please keep me updated on the issue and I’ll try to take another look.

Here is a video

Samsung Internet version:

I don’t know how to collect relevant logs.

Did you test on a Swedish or European device?

Still happening after todays update. Please advise on how to post crash logs here.

This seems like a very rare issue that I cannot seem to reproduce at all.
I’d recommend visiting Samsung Developer Support channel and see if they can provide any proper solution to this. Good luck.

Thanks I have opened a ticket there.