Your App Currently Targets API Level 30 Error When updating on Play Console

I have latest Samsung Watch face studio installed. Today i updated a watch face and built it with WFS. Now when i wanted to publish it

Google Play Console is giving me this error as show in screenshot above. As per my understanding we need new WFS update to fix this error.

When can we expect new WFS Release? .

The 2nd error “There is no deobfuscation file associated with this App Bundle” error warning is not a problem.

Although when i opened learn more it says API level 31 not needed for Wear OS Apps.
then why is it generating this error??

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these are details of update version generated with WFS. Since its a yellow warning and not red i managed to send update for review.

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Hi Mr. @Osman Is it possible to upload 2-3 watch face at a time to play console, while one watch face is under review. Please advise.
Also please advise do i need to use internal testing or any other testing for those watch face. Thanks in advance.

You can upload as many as you want dear friend there is no restriction.

I have had around 8 to 10 under review at one time. 1 face doesnt affect others timings of review. Each usually if they dont find any issue passes approval in 48 hours.

Time for each review is not related with faces under review. Each has its own time slot thats how it works. For example you made 6 watchfaces completed all requirements of play console and sent each for review together there will not be any issue.


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@Osman Thank you so much.
Do i need to select any testing method for any watch face? or can proceed without testing.

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No , you dont need to do testing . You can publish without it .

Ensure after you publish watchface and send for approval check advanced settings. You also after doing that add release for wear os otherwise watchface will not be available or would not be reviewed

This can be done from advanced setting tab of the watchface you are making

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Hello @Osman Noted with Many Thanks.

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Could you please let us know if you uploaded the Watch Face package with the companion app package for mobile?

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Dear Sinjae,

Yes i upload my watchfaces with companion app after posting this .I have successfully published 3 watchfaces there was no issue.

The comapnion app targets higher Api for Android 13 as per google requirments no issue.

Although Google guide lines suggest that Android 11 is the api requirement for wear os app abb bundle BUT when you send app bundles for production and review.
A yellow triangle shows that watchface.aab generated from Samsung Watchface Studio and a mesage line that this package is not compliant for Android 13 Api

Perhaps Google playstore has to fix this from our Samsung side there is no issue. If some one can tell Google that if your guidlines say AAB requirement for wear os package is Android 11 then why this bug that aab is not compliant.

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Thank you for your clear explanation!

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