1.4.20 [SC_PER] Problem!

Hi all
I am rotating the image according to [SC_PER].
Actual [SC_PER] is 28, but the clock shows it as 47.

[SC_PER] is not correct !!
Is it Bug??



Hello, do you have Steps synchronization turned on? If yes, on Wear OS 3, steps goal will be always at 6000 steps which corresponds to your 47%.

Synchronization will only work on Wear OS 4.

Check Q11. FAQ | Samsung Developers


I do sync. Setep Goal is 10,000.

On Wear OS 3, it doesn’t matter. When you have sync ON, steps goal is 6000

Sorry I don’t understand “Steps synchronization turned on”.

What is this?

I got it.
Thank you.

I found WatchFaceStudio Menu.
Project > Settings > HEALTH Tab.
Sync to device OFF Check and Set Step Goal is processed normally.

Thank You.