Steps count ring not showing proper percentage of goal

In the watch face studio, I set the progress bar to have a value of the current step count, the maximum to be the current step goal and the minimum to be 0. However, when I deploy it to my watch, despite my step goal, it always shows that ive completed more than i actually have (e.x step goal is 8000, but at 5,000 it shows over 3/4s done). I was wondering if there was something I am doing wrong, because I cannot find anything online to help with this issue. In the image, the step goal is supposed to be 8000, but the watch face is acting as if the step goal is 6000

Please check out the FAQ 11. You will get your answer :blush:

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Thanks so much! I thought my watch 5 pro had wearos 4 already, but i guess it didnt!