12/24H AM/PM Hide/Show


Please can someone confirm logic to show 12/24 text if watch is using 24H time and to show AM/PM if watch is using 12H time.

12H/24H I have text field = (([IS_24H] > 0) ? “24H” : “12H”) but what is color opacity code I need to use to hide it ?

What is logic for text field and hide/display tag for AM/PM to only show if using 12H time ?

I was using the 12H /24H on the timeline which only seems to work on WFS not the watch is this a bug ?

I always do it and is perfect for me.

test 12_24.wfs.zip (179.8 KB)

Thanks for the reply and sample project works on PC not Watch what OS are you running ?

I can confirm this is not working on my Galaxy Watch 4 I don’t see AM/PM when switching to 12h time on watch I only see the time. The 24H works fine on watch.



I do not understand that. It works perfectly on my watch

How strange I just dont know then thanks for the screenshots I dunno then

Are you closing watch face? Mine is synced to the phone when I updated my phone it didn’t update until the watch had gone dark and then active to show the watch face again.

I only needed to change one text field and ended up using this syntax which works perfectly.

(([IS_24H] > 0) ? “24H” : [AMPM])

Do you have any issue with Galaxy Watch 4 non classic? In my case I just use AMPM tag then replace it with bitmaps and then the 24H format is purely image. Then I use the timeline to show/hide these formats. It’s perfectly working on GW4 Classic however in GW4 non classic they are not showing.

did you mean me If so … I only have a GW4 Classic. I do it just like you described.