12/24H AM/PM Hide/Show


Please can someone confirm logic to show 12/24 text if watch is using 24H time and to show AM/PM if watch is using 12H time.

12H/24H I have text field = (([IS_24H] > 0) ? “24H” : “12H”) but what is color opacity code I need to use to hide it ?

What is logic for text field and hide/display tag for AM/PM to only show if using 12H time ?

I was using the 12H /24H on the timeline which only seems to work on WFS not the watch is this a bug ?

I always do it and is perfect for me.

test 12_24.wfs.zip (179.8 KB)

Thanks for the reply and sample project works on PC not Watch what OS are you running ?

I can confirm this is not working on my Galaxy Watch 4 I don’t see AM/PM when switching to 12h time on watch I only see the time. The 24H works fine on watch.



I do not understand that. It works perfectly on my watch

How strange I just dont know then thanks for the screenshots I dunno then

Are you closing watch face? Mine is synced to the phone when I updated my phone it didn’t update until the watch had gone dark and then active to show the watch face again.

I only needed to change one text field and ended up using this syntax which works perfectly.

(([IS_24H] > 0) ? “24H” : [AMPM])

Do you have any issue with Galaxy Watch 4 non classic? In my case I just use AMPM tag then replace it with bitmaps and then the 24H format is purely image. Then I use the timeline to show/hide these formats. It’s perfectly working on GW4 Classic however in GW4 non classic they are not showing.

did you mean me If so … I only have a GW4 Classic. I do it just like you described.

Hi I’ve been trying to figure out this but with AM/PM images and nothing for 24H… any ideas??

I don’t know what works now with the beta version. I would leave it as TTF for now. Setting up custom strings and customized bitmaps for am/pm indicator disappears when set to other languages. This will be an issue for all watch faces created in WFS. Not sure if it’s from the software update of the watch or the WFS beta.

The AMPM tag has been buggy.
[IS_24H] tag works and the [IS_AFTNOON] returns 0 and 1 and you can use that to show or hide AM and PM images.

Or you can just put an image on the timeline and show and hide that way.

Hope that helps,

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Hi, I’ve been trying to use the [IS_24] tag with [IS_AFTERNOON] and [AMPM_PO] to find a way to show the image or move the image (tag on placement) -40(placement out of the zone) [IS_AFTNOON]<=0?+336:0 (296 image location + 40 from the placement zone) that work to move the AM/PM image but when I add [IS_24] juts stop showing at all.

Correct you want to use the [IS_24H] to not show the am/pm. If you want it to show with a 24 Hour clock then don’t use it.

Don’t forget to change your Time setting for the project to reflect the 12 or 24 hour format.


I tried but won’t show AM/PM on 12H. What is the right way to set "[IS_24H]<=0?(what goes here) [IS_AFTNOON]<=0?+336:0.

Thank for the help.

this is my tag ([IS_24H]<=0) + ([IS_AFTNOON]>=1)?+226:0
is supposed to work as follows “If is 12H and is afternoon then move image to “226” position”

Try this

([IS_24H]) ? 0 : (([IS_AFTNOON]) ? 226 : 0 )

If it is a 24 hour system the first condition is true and it returns zero
If it is not 24 hour then the first condition is false it goes to the second condition
If it is Afternoon The condition is true returns 336 and if not it returns zero

There is no need for the comparisons since they return 0 or 1 true or false.

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It worked for the PM, but not for the AM image.

If it is Afternoon The condition is true returns 336 and if not, it returns zero (how do I make it go to 336 instead of 0 since I want to show AM as different image?)

By the way thanks for the code, since I’m new to wear OS and galaxy watch I’m trying to understand how the code works.

Just the opposite
([IS_24H]) ? 0 : (([IS_AFTNOON]) ? 0: 366 )

Watch Face Studio documentation on TAGS is HERE

However Galaxy Watch Studio documentation has an excellent tutorial on TAGS The TAGS are different and how you add them is a bit different but the explanation of the logic especially for Ternary operators is really done well.

I think that there are three things that really help when doing tags

  • First Write them in a text editor instead of trying to do it in the WFS dialog box
  • Write the logic on separate lines because WFS will not do the line separator and will put them all on one line when you paste it in.
  • use () a lot to isolate the logic

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thank you very much, especially for helping me understand the “()” to isolate the logics.