AM/PM works on WFS but on watch shows "false"

I’m using this formula to check if the time format is 12h/24h and if it’s 12h, display AM and PM:


It works like as it should on my PC but when I load it on the watch, it shows “false” (my watch uses 24h format). What am I doing wrong?

So this is what I needed to do:


Switch the logic and negate the boolean, in case others are looking for the same answer.

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I recommend you to solve it like the workaround below.

([IS_24H]?“ ”:([HOUR_1_24]<12?“AM”:“PM”))

please use " " instead of “” for empty string.

([IS_24H] <1? [AMPM] : “24H”) try this.


I have to use this one, otherwise it doesn’t display “24H” for me.

([IS_24H] will display 0 or 1 (0=12H 1=24h) so ([IS_24H]>=1 wont work.

I hear you and I did try just to check the value (it’s 0 or 1) but like I said until I changed it, it didn’t work as it should have.
Also, for some reason my other version that worked for me earlier didn’t work either.