12-hour format missing the letter AM or PM

The 12 hour format does not display the A or P image.
In the Watch Face Studio emulator it works correctly but when I install it on the watch, the image of the letter A or P does not come out.
Has anyone had the same problem?

Hi Sergio,

Is your string formed like this?

([HOUR_1_12_Z]):([MIN_Z]):([SEC_Z]) ([AMPM])

My guess is the text box is not large enough is it showing the m and not the p or a ? I had no problem with it. If you have custom fonts they often be different size on the watch than in the preview.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Rom,

For the 12 hour format I use the [AMPM] field
I don’t use a text font to display AM or PM.
I use images in PNG format with only one letter.

For AM I use the letter A and for PM I use the letter P in Bitmap Font.
I have an image in png format with the letter A and another with the letter P.
Image A or P is displayed in Watch face studio but not in watch.
Do you know what the problem can be?

Hi Sergio

If there isn’t an exact match bit map fonts do not show. If you are you remapping AM and PM try remapping the strings am & pm which is what the tag returns.

Samsung Developer Relations

I had a similar problem. AM PM was not displayed on my watch. When creating AM PM marks, I removed all languages ​​and everything worked. That’s probably a mistake.