A watchface that plays music

Hi, I was planning to make a watchface that does the following:
•Plays, pauses, and skips music, forwards and backwards
•Controls the Media Volume
•Uses a shortcut to a list of all playlists

So I need help with these. Can you explain what should I do to do these for my watchface?

Welcome back to this forum.

Sounds on Watch Face Studio is not possible. You can check out this Sounds <BEEP> <BOOP> <BOP> - #5 by r.liechty_SDP from Ron.

What I actually mean is using touch-based buttons that control the music playback and media volume as in, “touching Play/Pause, Skip Forward/Backward, and Media Volume Up/Down buttons” as well as a app ID for Samsung Music Player’s playlists shortcut.

You can try with the action properties. It will open your device’s music player, then you can manage your music from the music player. But managing music using watch face studio components is not possible as far as my knowledge.

I understand. Thanks for the response. :wink: