Play button

hi guys there a way to add a play/pause button on watch face to directly resume music,?
just for clarification, i know we can use a button to open music app, but i am trying to find a way to just add a play button directly on watch face so i can resume music without having to go to music app.
any help is appreciated

Hi, the answer to your question is here :point_down:t2:

umm… so basically we can’t do it on GWD. thanks for your reply mate. have a great day

I’m also looking for a way to put that feature in my watchface, and there is probably a way.
i think you would need to use the Tizen App and do a bit of developpement for it, but on Galawy watch studio i’m not sure there is a way.

I didn’t start using Tizen yet, but if i learn something about it i will keep you posted.