Music controls

Have one question about the music controls on the main screen (watch face).
I’d learned all tutorial but didn’t find a resolve.

My question:
How can I add to the main screen music controls like a previous\next song and play\pause?
I saw a part of this function on the standard watch face (Health Dashboard+) but I can’t disassemble it to see how it works =)

The watch face that you are referring to was not made using GWD/GWS.
And neither are there any direct options how to do this with it.
You can only add shortcut to open music player application.

Based on the answer another question appeared.
If it was made without GWD\GWS, what is that program?
Or maybe you know what I need to learn\read to create a watch face with these buttons?
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

We were told, that the preinstalled watch faces are built in part of the firmware and the resource is not public. Tizen studio as a developer tool has much more options than GWD/GWS, but I don’t know if what you are looking for is available there.

Ok, tnx :slightly_smiling_face:
Will text here if I find something


But what about the “Dashboard” Watch Face that comes standard with the watch?
It has a play button right on the face that will play/pause whatever is on the music player. I am trying to figure out how to add that to my watch face.

Are you saying that this default watch face was not made using GWS?


Hello, yes, that am I saying. The dashboard watch face when comes with watch, has not only play button, but also stylize options that are not available with GWD/GWS. First and highly different from what GWD/GWS does, the 4 complications are selectable from 10 options. There are also sunset/sunrise times and barometer to choose.
You can make screenshot of the dashboard watch face, cut out the play button as separate image, insert it to your watchface as image and then set it as button to open the music player widget. But from the watchface it will not directly control the music like stop it when its playing, it will again open the music player.

So weird. And does anyone know what program they use to create these features?
Obviously it would be helpful to have that program!

Yes, it would. And I guess there would be some more info about it around this site, if it was public.

I just found out there is something called Tizen Studio.
Maybe that has more functionality?

Yes, I mentioned Tizen studio earlier in this thread. It is a programmer tool, so it definitely has more functionality than GWD/GWS, and I do not know if or how the direct music control was possible there.

with tizen studio you can do anything, the only problem is that it is not the same as gwd / wgs, programmers who know c ++ use them, instead gwd / gws use them as designers …

Oh I see. I was hoping to learn to use Tizen, but I cannot program and don’t have the time to learn.

Too bad since I have found at least 2 of the default Watch faces have this play/pause feature, but as designers we have no access to something they use pretty prominently.

They need to port the feature over to GWS.

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Galaxy Watch Designer is not meant to be a developer tool and has pretty much pushed the boundaries of that already. What you can do is set an image or text box as a button and open the music controls. The music in the Dashboard watch face only stops and starts music on your phone you are much better off opening the music control app so users have full control.

Samsung Developer Program

Hi Ron.

95% of the time all I want to do is start or stop my music or audiobook.
It is probably the same for most users.
Play/pause right from the home screen with a single button press is much more efficient than having to first open up the player to do the same simple task.
If I want full control I can still open the player, but that is rarely needed.

I think what you want to do is impossible in GWD / GWS, all the advanced functions are done in Tizen studio because it uses the C ++ programming language, WGD / WGS is like photoshop or another graphic design program with some extra functions…