Accessing App via Tiles on Samsung skips authentication

Hey everyone, we are experiencing an issue when opening an App via Tiles on Android.
On all Android devices it works perfectly fine, except for Samsung devices.


  • Add Tile to access App functionality directly via Tile
  • Open App and enter PIN
  • Kill App
  • Within 30 seconds, click on Tile to access app

The app is opened BUT no PIN is required. Authentication is skipped, although app was killed before. Is this a known issue with Samsung OS?
On any other Device (not Samsung) the PIN is always required when accessing our app. Only on samsung devices, within the first 30 seconds of killing and accessing the app, there is no TWINT prompt. Our developers tried to debug the issue, but it seems to be related to the Samsung OS. Any thoughts or anyone experiencing the same issue?

Please create a support request in the Samsung developer support channel.