PIN authentication not working


I am working on the Smart TV Remote Control Android Application. I need to implement pin-based authentication with a smart TV.

I have checked too many solutions but unfortunately, nothing seems to work. I am using the latest version of the Samsung Smart TV. Please help me with how can i do these things with the latest version.

I have tried the below API endpoints but it’s not working.

For the check pin already appear or not : GET http://{{ip}}:8080/ws/apps/CloudPINPage

For Display new pin : POST http://{{ip}}:8080/ws/apps/CloudPINPage

Also, I have checked the Android SDK “SmartViewSDK-android-2.5.0”. This SDK is also not supported the PIN-based authentication things.

I got the TV details using this API: http://{{IP}}:8001/api/v2/

Response like below :

“device”: {
“FrameTVSupport”: “false”,
“GamePadSupport”: “true”,
“ImeSyncedSupport”: “true”,
“Language”: “en_GB”,
“OS”: “Tizen”,
“PowerState”: “on”,
“TokenAuthSupport”: “true”,
“VoiceSupport”: “true”,
“WallScreenRatio”: “0”,
“WallService”: “false”,
“countryCode”: “IN”,
“description”: “Samsung DTV RCR”,
“developerIP”: “”,
“developerMode”: “1”,
“duid”: “uuid:4a01d903-971f-4972-af73-0e5e05e6534d”,
“firmwareVersion”: “Unknown”,
“id”: “uuid:4a01d903-971f-4972-af73-0e5e05e6534d”,
“ip”: “”,
“model”: “20_KANTS2_FHD”,
“modelName”: “UA32TE40AAKBXL”,
“name”: “[TV] Office TV”,
“networkType”: “wireless”,
“resolution”: “1366x768”,
“smartHubAgreement”: “true”,
“ssid”: “24:0b:88:1f:7e:29”,
“type”: “Samsung SmartTV”,
“udn”: “uuid:4a01d903-971f-4972-af73-0e5e05e6534d”,
“wifiMac”: “80:8A:BD:78:A4:8D”
“id”: “uuid:4a01d903-971f-4972-af73-0e5e05e6534d”,
“isSupport”: “{“DMP_DRM_PLAYREADY”:“false”,“DMP_DRM_WIDEVINE”:“false”,“DMP_available”:“true”,“EDEN_available”:“true”,“FrameTVSupport”:“false”,“ImeSyncedSupport”:“true”,“TokenAuthSupport”:“true”,“remote_available”:“true”,“remote_fourDirections”:“true”,“remote_touchPad”:“true”,“remote_voiceControl”:“true”}\n”,
“name”: “[TV] Office TV”,
“remote”: “1.0”,
“type”: “Samsung SmartTV”,
“uri”: “”,
“version”: “2.0.25”

Please guide me on how can i do pin-based authentication.

Thanks & Regards.