Accessing steps from Samsung Galaxy Fit e

I would like to access the step data of the fitness tracker Samsung Galaxy Fit e from my self developed Android application.

How can the data be accessed directly from the fitness tracker?

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As far as I’m aware of this is not accessible to third parties you can only access the sensor data directly using Tizen Studio and then send that to the companion app. The problem with accessing the sensor data directly is that it may not match the Samsung Health numbers exactly.

You can use the Android Health SDK to get the information from the Samsung Health there are example codes on how to to this.

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Thank you very much for the prompt reply.

Since I have never programmed with Tizen Studio myself, I had some more questions during my research.

On which device should the Tizen Studio application have to run in order to exchange data with the Galaxy Fit e fitness tracker?

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I am sorry I misread your question as Fit not the Galaxy Fit. The Galaxy Fit e is a RTOS and you can’t program it or access it with a companion app at all.

You can only get it from the Samsung Health SDK


There are example Step Diary that you can look at from that link too.

My apology for the earlier answer.

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