Get health data from Galaxy Active Two

I want to access Galaxy Active Two smart watch health data to native android application.

My android device have Samsung health app, is it possible to access the health data using Samsung health SDK to my native android app?

Basically smart watch syncs data > to Samsung health app > My native android app receives data using Samsung health SDK

let me know if above is possible ? any good example or reference
what is the best way to get health data recorded in smart watch ( heart rate, steps , distance, calories) to my native android app?

You can not access the Galaxy Watch Healh data directly. You can create an app that will access the sensors and get that information but the Health data API is not public. You can use the Health SDK and access the information from the Android Health app there are Android Health Samples for that.

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You mean a native mobile app or app for galaxy store?

Using Tizen Studio you can access the sensor data on the watch and by using the Android accessory protocol you can receive that data for use by a companion app on your mobile. This is not the same as Samsung Health data because of start times and algorithms in Samsung Health may be different.

So Tizen OS app on the watch, receiver app on the phone.

Samsung Health can be accessed on Android device but only runs in debug mode unless you are a Samsung Health Partner and that is next to impossible to become at this time.

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