Account country wrong

I’ve started looking into selling Galaxy Watch apps, and while setting up the Seller Account my location is fixed to “US”. No options to change that.

Which made me look at my Samsung Developer account and that is United States and fixed too, even though during the setup process for my watch and account I set UK as my location.

Is there any way to change this? Since I expect there will be tax/earnings consequences at some point in the future if I have things set to US.

It’s strange to hear that they still haven’t fixed it …, the problem has been around for several years.
I corrected the country only through support, otherwise it will not work.

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This happens if you are on a VPN like McAfee those are becoming pretty common. It may also happen if you are doing this on your mobile and it is a US Variant.

Like Alex said you can fix it later or if you haven’t submitted it yet and it was a VPN issue start again without VPN.

Samsung Developer Program

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Thanks, I will get in touch with support.

I have only ever created/signed into my Samsung account from my UK based computer and UK bought mobile, so I have no idea why it decided I wasn’t in the UK. No VPNs involved at all.

All sorted now, I got in touch with support and they changed it for me.