Samsung Seller Portal I cannot change the country?

Samsung Seller Portal I cannot change the country, it remains passive. Where should I get help for this? Can you give a link please?

This has came up before.

The country is provided by your Samsung User Account and cannot be changed. If you are a student or residing in a different country you will need to contact the seller store and submit proof of residence.

Samsung Developer Relations
Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you for your answer. Where should I write for this? Pls link

Samsung Account - Country Azerbaycan.
My Galaxy Store Account - Country Azerbaycan.
But My Seller Account - Turkey wrong country

Your seller account should be the same as the Samsung Account did you create a new account just for the seller Portal? If you did use your Samsung Account email and start a new seller store account with that.
If that isn’t it, then open a seller portal 1:1 enquiry and they should ask for proof of residence to resolve this.

If this doesn’t work I can seek help for you from the Seller Portal Operations team but they usually say to work it out with the seller portal.

Samsung Developer Relations

I wrote to the link you gave earlier and they directed me to this link.

I wrote here too, they didn’t respond for 7 days

Yes please help me. I can
Samsung Galaxy Store Seller Portal
change to True country (Azerbaycan)

Hi m.orxan,

The link you posted does not exist as far as I can determine. If you go to it will just redirect you back to the 1:1 Enquiry.

I will contact you in private message so you can send me some more information and I will share that with the Ops team . I am in Samsung North America so the ops team will have to send that to global and see if they can resolve it.

Samsung Developer Relations