No Access to Samsung Store

I bought a GW3 two days ago. I cannot see anything on the Samsung Store. I live in Gibraltar. I could just about understand if we could not see paid for apps, but I cannot understand why the Watch and the phone app does not see anything at all.

Is there a way I can access the store?

Use a Spanish or a British SIM card.

Thanks for the suggestion. So it is my mobile number causing the issue?

Possibly. The content of the Galaxy Store depends on the country where you are, but basically it comes down to the MNC number of your SIM card. This number identifies the country of your operator and based on this the Galaxy Store generates a country specific content.

Thanks again.

Do you know why Gibraltar cannot access the store? also is there list of countries that can access the store?

First off is your phone paired to your watch? (I always have to ask the obvious first)

I would recommend you post using the Samsung Members App or at Samsung support select Contact US and then the Social tab Join the Conversation

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