I had a standard watch face where you can click on the percentage of the battery and it will bring you to a screen to enable/disable “Power saving”. I added a circular progress bar and set it to battery. However, none of the elements had an action property. So what I ended up doing is adding a rectangle, place it over the progress bar, set the transparency to 0 (the number to the right of the color property) and then say open app with Battery Status. I just figured I post this in case somebody else is struggling with adding an action to a complication.

In case of Complication components such as Short Text or Ranged Value,
every data including the action depends on the its application that provides the complication data.
This is the way how Wear OS’s watch face handles the user selected data on the face.
In other words, you don’t need to consider the action to open related app if you use a complication component.