Complications Are Complicated

PS: I need to update this post later on as it is incomplete…

I couldn’t find any watch face that meets my needs so I started to design my own. I only needed very basic things like time, date, heart rate, number of steps and battery level of the watch. My eyesight isn’t the best so I wanted the information as big as possible with some graphical indicator (progress bar). So here is what I did.

Start a new project. In the upper center click on “Add component” and select Digital Clock → Time.

Screenshot 2873

I also wanted to have seconds displayed so I can measure my heart rate (the watch is often completely off) and other things. If you don’t want the seconds displayed remove the [SEC_Z] in the text field property.

To add the date go to the same menu but now select Date.
Screenshot 2875

I wanted the day of the week and the date in different colors. So I first created just the day of the week, set the color to #FF0000 (red) and the text field property to [DAY_WEEK_S]

Then I added another date field but now in green and with the text field adjusted so it just shows the month and day of the month.

Next I wanted to show the battery level. Click on Add Component and then Ranged Value.
Screenshot 2878

The watch is draining the battery pretty quickly and goes into power saving mode. I wanted an easy way to disable the power saving mode. So I added a text field and set enabled the “Apply Action”. Then select Type = Tap, “Action” = “Open App” and “Open App” = “Battery Status” (the screenshot shows Settings which is wrong). So then when you click on that area it will bring you to the settings to enable/disable battery saving.

Under component add a “Progress Bar”. I set the color to red (as it’s the heart). The opacity is set to 30% (in the screenshot 50%) so that one can see the ring but still clearly see what the actual percentage is (brighter red). I set the maximum heart rate to 150. I think I hardly every go above that and if I do then it is just for a short time. Keeping the max value lower makes it easier to see where you are (one could also set the lower value to something like 40).

Add a Text component. Click into the “Text Field” property". “Tags” will show up. Scroll down and select [SC] which is a measurement for steps.

Add a component Text and set the property to “Steps”. This is a static text that won’t change. It just shows that this is measuring steps.