Customization of Complications

So I had a question about the whole new UI of Watch Face Studio being that I cant figure out how to tweak the Complications to my liking. For example Is there a way for me to be able to remove the battery percentage sign where it only shows the number if I cant, is there a way to make regular text linked to certain things of the watch so I could use regular text for battery but I corresponds to the actual watch’s battery

I am not sure about tweaking complications, but you can simply add text component and make it display battery charge as number without % sign using corresponding tag. Its in the first two steps on the image

Thank you very much! Do you know how I would port the watchface to my watch, it wont let me for some reason, it says there is no compatible devices.

Sorry I have no experience with wear os watches. Don’t forget to turn on debugging.
Check this guide:

I think this is a bug and if you restart WFS it finds your device right away. I can duplicate it on my system every first time I do a run on device. After that it works just fine until I turn the computer off.

If you want to be sure

Using File manager copy the address where you installed adb. (copy the address from file manger using right click on the address bar)
Open a command prompt
navigate to the folder address
cd C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\WatchFaceStudio\tools\window

Then type
adb connect 192.168.x.x:5555 (where 192.168.x.x is your watch’s IP address).
it either should connect or say already connected or Failure to connect.
It may take a minute to connect or give a failure response

If you get a rejected error or something check your watch debugger settings.
I revoked permissions and force new acceptance. When you try to connect it will need an acceptance.

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