Activation Framework Not Installed

I’m building an a companion application and am getting an error on my device saying the “Activation Framework Not Installed”. It is happening on a Galaxy Tab A 8. My understanding is that the Accessory Framework Service is installed by default on Samsung devices. Is this not correct?

Also, I tried to resolve this by installing the Wear application but am still getting the same error, although I didn’t pair my smartwatch with the tablet.

My goal is to build a standalone application that can communicate with the Samsung watch doesn’t need a secondary application to run. Can this be done without installing the Wear application and going through the pairing process?

You can build a companion Android and Galaxy Watch apps that do not use the Wearable App. You can only pair the Galaxy Tab with earbuds not Galaxy smart watches.

There are many examples for Mobile/Watch companion apps on the Build Galaxy Watch portal

Also there are examples on Git Hub but I don’t know of anyway to do what you want with a tablet.

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