Themes with unsolvable problems are always rejected

Themes are always rejected unsolvable errors. Troubleshooting is not possible. The developers write that the problems will be fixed with the next firmware, app or tool update.

It is a very frustrating situation,which is also reflected negatively on sales.

Can someone from Samsung tell us to do? Because we cannot fix all these errors with the Theme T!

I collect the most known Issues and will add further errors

  1. Bixby routines > Add routine > Select ‘+’ > Place > Confirm pop-up > Select input field > Check screen / indicator bar & search field

  2. Dark Mode On > Contacts > More menu > Check the screen

  3. Hold mode on/off > Lock-screen / Check the indicator bar

  4. Settings > Advanced features > Send SOS mesages > ON > Check the screen

  5. Contacts > More menu > Manage contacts

  6. Setting > Sounds and vibration > Sound quality and efects > Swipe down screen and check

Regards Alex

I’ve never been able to get a theme approved for the Galaxy Fold… probably never will :frowning:

Don’t forget this one, some testers let it by and other’s don’t… but it’s something we cannot fix ourselves


Latest Theme Tool 9.25 contains a new Issue too.

Timer Circle BG and Timer Ongoining BG has the same color. The Opacity for Timter Circle BG will not applied in the Clock App. So what are the Developers doing, did they test the Tool or Apps with Themes to see if they work without Issue? I seems like they don’t test it! :frowning:

Here are overall Issues to know them to Validation Team, we are unable to fix them with the Theme Tool!

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@Alexander yes I noticed that same issue very quickly and responded with a similar images of the progress bar indicator not behaving correctly in the latest update. I am just hoping that it isn’t a problem that rejects registration as it is out of our control. :relieved:

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There are soe new Issue , which can’t handle with the Theme Tool.

  1. Android Q > Settings > Advanced features > Send sos messages > OFF

  2. Android P > Settings > Abvanced features> Bixby routines > Add routine > Select ‘+’

  3. Android Q > Message > Composer > More > Customize Wallpaper

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Good stuff, thanks Alex.

I also got this rejection from Framework 8 and I don’t think I can fix it with the tool. Cannot see the problem with my Note 9 but I have a later version of Contacts :frowning:

@Redacted you are also in our WhatsApp Group right? Can you send me certification file?

Would you Submit a Ticket about this please?

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Yes, I opened a question in the Seller store and I’ll send the certification file…

It’s the 2nd time I had this, the first time I just resubmitted and they approved!!