Add condition to Small Box Complication

I am using the Small Box Complication as a tap target only (setting the opacity to 0%). How can I hide the Small Box Complication when the Unread Count is >=1? Since there are no ‘Tags’ available for X/Y position to move it off the screen is there any other way to accomplish this?

Another quick question - is the ‘Calendar app’ a universal app on all watches? If so a shape with an ‘Action’ could also be a possibility since shapes allow ‘Tags’ to be added?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, why would u want to move it off screen?

Calendar app there 2 samsung and google calender. What are u trying to archive here?

(Try to find the action id for calendar app)

And what do u mean no “tag” available for x/y.
U can use tags for x and y position.

And hidding you can use this too

With a tag expressions


Using this formula


Hello @Knightwing - thanks for the reply.

I am putting 2 objects in the same spot with a single ‘small box complication’ (sbc) as a tap target as a top layer. One object will relate to the calendar while the other will show ‘unread notification count’ in the same spot on a different layer via conditions. But only the calendar object should have a tap target.

If I use the ‘sbc’ as a tap target (action > calendar) then if works for the calendar functionality but when the unread notification count is displayed in the same spot then going to the calendar will not work logically. So what I thought is to move the ‘sbc’ off screen if the ‘unread notification count’ is shown via a condition (x-position). I would need to do this either for the grouped ‘sbc’ or for the ‘slot bound’ component - both don’t allow to change position via conditions.

For example for the x-position:

This moves the ‘sbc’ tap target which is linked to the calendar off the screen if unread notifications are shown.

An alternative would be using a rectangle and the use this as the tap target - here I can move things off the screen via conditions in the x-position by adding ‘Tags’.

My question in regards to the ‘Calendar’ target was: If I make it a fixed app shortcut to the Calendar will it work on all Wear OS devices - meaning will my ‘calendar’ app shortcut’ (Action > Tap) work? What would happen if the user does not have a Calendar app installed?

Thanks again…

I realize you can change the tag of the complication components . Example text, icon , individually but you cannot add tags on the complication group/slot bound

Hi, for calender app id not sure ask @r.liechty_SDR

The slotbond cannot be change by tags expression as i tried so the tap location will be stuck there

A workaround is to make the slotbond elements smaller and not overlap the text boundaries

Hi another experiment you can do is still use opacity tag…

But after u did that drag the text layer into the complication. Hide the other elements only showing the layer u drag in

Work around

Hello - thanks again for the helpful tips.

I am leaning to making it a transparent rectangle as a tap target - then I can move things around freely - the only caveat being that this then would be a fixed app shortcut via ‘Action > Tap > Open App > Calendar’ that the user would not be able to customize/edit - hence my question if ‘Calendar’ is something every Wear OS watch understands??

Hopefully @r.liechty_SDR can shed some light on this…

Usually yes…but may or may not have exceptions
Usually if got calendar it select default

To add draging a tag expressions layer to a complication. Is more user friendly… because that layer will be “bind” or behave as part of the complication…

Think there are topics in the forum which i explain how i “hack” the complication.

Only note this will only work for the case u are doing…

Meaning calendar