Add simple sunrise and sunset times on my watchface

I also use a Garmin Fenix 5 and there have the possibility, to display the time of sunrise and sunset for today.
How can I make that possible for my Galaxy Watch Active 2? I already have built a good watch face in GWD 1.8.1 ( now Galaxy Watch Studio 2.0).

For my Garmin, I even had the possibility to display some kind of “circle”, which visualizes the time of sunrise (dawn) and sunset on the watchface.

There hast to be a possibility to do such a simple thing.

Kind regards

I am sorry to disappoint you, but GWD/GWS do not provide sunset/sunrise feature for custom watch faces.

As alternative I do not know if Active has them, but in some earlier models there were one or two pre-installed watch faces (gear dashboard for example), that could display this info trough stylize option for the complications.
I also managed to make such watch face on third party platform facer, which looked and worked ok, but I can not recommend it, because of significantly higher battery drain than any watch face I made using GWD.

K, thanks,
so I personally think, that in terms of hardware, the Active Watch 2 is a serious competitor to the Apple Watch.

But there are just some things I cannot understand.
So some serious issues:
Why only GPS-logging when „auto detect-workout“ detects „walking“ but not with cycling? (I use the bike a lot).
When cycling and trying to watch the watchface, the display won‘t turn on properly.
No hint, when cycling and crossing a certain speed-limit (e.g. 30 km/h).
The „workouts“ function is completely hidden (this is no issue of the license, but of mentality, to make things easier).
And for example the issue, I mentioned above (3rd party apps make it possible, as you say).

I think there is a lot of potential but goes almost completely missing because there is no one who canalizes this issues and feature requests take aeons to be answered (if).

Well, I guess, it’s take it or leave it, but you usually won’t endure with this spirit.

Anyways, thanks.