How to modify stock watchface from GW3 in GW Studio?

I just got the Galaxy Watch 3, and I like the “Basic Dashboard” watchface, but I need to make a minor modification to it.
Since there are no settings for customizing the time display, I’m guessing the expectation that the Galaxy Watch Studio program is supposed to be used for customizing. I have downloaded and installed it. It contains a few “Samples”, but none of them are similar to “Basic Dashboard”.

Are the “Basic Dashboard” sketch and resources available on my phone or watch (presumably installed with the Galaxy Wearable App)? Can I transfer them into Galaxy Watch Studio to make minor changes? I certainly don’t want to start from scratch. I’m totally new to Studio, so any guidance on making a quick tweak would be appreciated!

I am not sure if it is the same one, but the dashboard watch face I have on my gear S3 watch is highly customisable directly from watch. What adjustment are you actually looking for? Maybe it is already there.

About GWS, I am sorry, but have to disappoint you. The pre-installed watch faces are not published for editing in any program. They are part of the firmware and not public. So with GWS you could only make watch face that would look like “basic dashboard”, but also would have to make it from scratch. Not to mention it would lack many of original functions that are not possible to add using GWS (like customize complications, weather info cant be used with s-health info and so on).

The Time display formatting issue is described in my post here:

The 12/24h format is set according the settings for your connected phone. I guess removing leading zero is not among customization options and it seems you are using different dash board watch face than me.Screen-20201226170701 .
But I noticed the PM indicator changes with language settings, so maybe the leading zero does too.

My phone is set for “Automatic 24-hour format” Off, “Use 24-hour format” Off
All times that are displayed anywhere in Android and other apps are all displaying without leading zero for hours < 10.

Your dashboard looks correct. Please tell me how to find it.
Here’s what I did:
From Galaxy Wearable App / Tabs at bottom - select “watch faces”.
Section in the middle of the screen called “My watch faces” expand with “v” arrow.
There are about 5 rows of faces. Basic Dashboard is at the top left.
There are color choices available, but changing from white changes the time and the complications as well. I think your version that only changes color on the time is better.

Please tell me how I can obtain the version you have. It is displaying the time correctly.

Galaxy Wearable App is reporting version
GalaxyWatch3 Plugin is
One UI Watch version 2.0
Tizen Version
Software version R840XXU1BTK1

I think the main difference is that my watch has Tizen version I do not use this watch face much, but it is good reference to check, whether the watch still runs allright.
I remember, when I updated to Tizen 3.0, all the digits started to change colour, I guess like yours does. I cant tell whether it had leading zero or not. I got my old firmware back, after the watch was to repair, but that is a different story.