Functions in GWS missing - will they come in future?

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Meanwhile I am using GWS 2.0.0Beta but still miss variables and functions for making my watchfaces working worldwide.

Actual missing:
For Script-Window:
Data: GPSLong, GPSLat
SIN(), COS()

My watchface with sunset/sunrise works exact - but only at 47°N, because there is no option to use user-coordinates unfortunately.
Instead of SIN, actual I have to use sheets with sin()-values…
Will there be a chance to get those wishful, but missing variables and functions in a future update of GWS?

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Uh, I forgot - On Watch/Smartphone used Timezone as Data-Variable is missing also.

Since you can have multiple clocks each with a different time zone I don’t think this is possible.

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I have suggested these in the past and the response for GPS Data is basically this is counter productive of the intent of Galaxy Watch Designer to be a simple to use designer tool. They should use Tizen Studio instead.

For the SIN and COS I was told it is being considered internally but is not on any timeline.

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Hi Ron,

thanks for your information.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use any timezone as variable in scripts.

So I am not able to calculate the sun movement with its exact high noon calculated by the double-SIN-Moebius-curve at real south position and corrected in Summer/Winter-Time by MEZ time.
For example, today exact high noon is 01:18PM at my latitude.
To handle this problem, I add one hour between April and October manually, but this is not really correct nor it will work worldwide. Not all countries are using Summer/Wintertime.

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Hi Ron,

thanks for this information.

I can’t really understand, why adding variables for Latitude, longitude and timezone could make developing watchfaces with GWS more difficult.

I have also tried to use Water-Intake as option for users to manually set their longitude therewith (47 Cups of water = 47°N).
But this failed, since this variable is set to Zero each day at 12:00AM and there is no way to select decimal numbers nor choose numbers < 0.

SIN and COS I can replace by sheets, but the other missing functions makes it impossible to make my Watch Face working everywhere.

To learn Tizen Studio just for developing a astronomic correct working Watchface seems to much expenditure to me.
So it seems, my Watchface never will published in market unfortunately.

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P.S. Without adding a variable with the number of days since a fixed date (as in DOS 01.01.1970), it is also impossible to me, to build my planed Tellurium-Watchface what shows positions of the planets in our Solar System.