AOD time & app ID list & gyro settings


I’m looking for a list of app ID’s for the following:

sleep data

Also, setting the display time-on to 30 sec in the settings of the watch only influences the display’s screen when one interacts with the watch. I know that one can set this within the watchface itself (default seems to be 5 secs, my last watchface had 7 secs). Where in WFS can I set this?

Last, but not least - my gyro is set to wake up the screen on -Y axis movement. How do I change that?
I found these settings, but they do not apply to wake-up:

Hi Bonbon,

Are you developing Smart watches Wear OS powered by Samsung (Galaxy Watch4) or Tizen platform watches (Galaxy Watch3 and older). The solution is somewhat different for both of them.

GW4 active time settings are in Settings → Display then scroll down to you get to Screen Time out and set it there. You can’t change user settings from Watch Face Studio. I don’t think you can from Android Studio without permissions.

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I’m actually working with Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy X-Cover. I’m making my own watchface just because of functionality that I expect (tho I am having problems with running Google Assistant properly, but that’s another issue).

If you are working with an Active 2 device, you selected the wrong forum. Sometimes it’s worth checking where we want to write. This here is the forum for Galaxy Watch 4 models.

How? This is Watch Face Studio’s forum, no? It’s oriented on software, rather than GW and it’s models.

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With Galaxy Watch4 Samsung changed from Tizen platform to Android platform (Wear OS Powered by Samsung) which is open for newer Android based Smart Phones not just Samsung.

Galaxy Watch3 and older on Tizen use Bixby and not Alexa.

Hope this helps. Galaxy Watch Studio and older Tizen platform apps and developer tools are still fully supported.

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