Adding custom watch hands

Want to use different hands so I made some and imported them into my project. Problem is I can’t get the pivot point to stick. Sometimes its halfway up the hand, other times its way outside the object. Is there a “snap to pivot” function or some other way to stick this? Plus the time doesn’t reflect the device time. Its several hours off. What am I doing wrong, smart people?

That’s strange. I have only the Premium account and I can add watch hands to any watch. But I’m using the Android version of Watchmaker, not iPhone.

When you’re customizing your watch, are you trying to add the hands by hitting the + symbol and choosing either “Hour hand” or “minute hand”!

Hi @rog1598215254 ,
You can manually reset the pivot point from the rotation properties (see the attached screenshot).
Screenshot (23)

When you are in GWS, it first shows your computer time. If you change the time in GWS by yourself then it would be different. If you deploy the design into your watch, it should sync the time of your watch.

Therefore, if I misinterpreted your problem, please correct me and provide some visual understanding.


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I’ll give that a shot and thanks. I just started using Studio vs Designer and there are some quirks I haven’t figured out yet. I appreciate it!


That did the trick! Thanks!

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